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European Congress of Radiology
        The European Congress of Radiology began in 1967, and be held in different places every four years. And it is as famous as Congress of Radiology in North America.
        The congress was held in Vienna,Austria from 1985. And at the same year, European Society of Radiology was founded. The congress would be held every two years. In the year of 1999, the Radiology Society decided that the congress would be held once a year. On 10th, December, 2005, ESR was set up and from then on, it became the most famous congress of radiology. Last year, more than 16,000 people from more than 90 countries came to Vienna and visited the congress of radiology.
        The European Congress of Radiology in 2013 will be held by ERS in Vienna from 8th, March to 11th, March.
        Many salesmen and technical staff from Kailong Medical will join in the congress with the tubes which are designed and produced by Kailong Medical. And the number of tooth is 552.
       Glad to meet the specialists and guests in the congress.
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