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New Year Sppech
        The year of 2012 has passed. And at the beginning of 2013, the CEO of Kailong Medical shows his best regards to the guests, and suppliers and every member of Kailong.
        In the annual meeting of 2013, Mr. Ding suggested several claims, which can be summed up as several words, quality, benefit and together.
        Firstly, quality includes morality of people, quality of products and brand of company. The employing principles of Kailong are morality and ability together, but morality priority. A company with good morality can provide products with good quality. The members in Kailong know to respect for others, to understand others mutually, to love the group and to work hard. The quality goal we want is with no defects. In order to achieve the quality goal, all the members in Kailong should focus our attention on the same spot, and be responsible for what we do.
Without good quality, the brand of the company looks like the water without any source and the tree without any root. And at the same time, we should make every effort to frame the brand.
        Secondly, benefit means win-win. The reality of win-win is that both can benefit at last. The company and the guests, the company and the staff, the company and the society can benefit. Kailong exists not for earning too much money, but to shoulder the society responsibility and to increase employments.
        And lastly, together means harmony of the family and the college. “Book of Poetry” says that the gentlemen always get more friends. A united team can solve every difficulty and beat any opponent. A team lack of unity looks like sand of disunity. Mr. Ding required that every member in Kailong should make his effort to create a happy family. After working hard in the company, he can expect the other happiness in the family. And also, everyone in the company should keep good relationship with others and keep good mood during working time.
        Kailong will start an undertaking for the third time in the year of 2013. And in the year, another company will invest and we will make our effort to list in 5years.
And every department will work closely focusing on quality. We will make our efforts to create a better future.
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